SAS File Import with Office 2019 or O365 for Windows 10

Users who need to import files in SAS that have Office 2019 installed will find that the SAS File Import Wizard fails with error “Connection Failed”, or they will receive “error in the LIBNAME statement” when importing via code. Office 2019 is installed with click-to-run technology, which [...]

Installing JAMF Casper (Or any Mac software) through IBM IEM Tivoli BigFix

At our major university institution, IBM IEM Tivoli BigFix has traditionally been the inventory and compliance management software that has been used. BigFix works on Macs, however is quite cumbersome to perform administration with. Our institution decided to begin using Casper for Mac inventory [...]

A Weekend Backpacking Trip to Portsmouth Island, NC

Ever since I learned about Portsmouth, I wanted to go. I actually didn’t even learn about Portsmouth from word of mouth or even literature – I learned of Portsmouth’s existence while planning a cycling trip Ocracoke. While looking at a Google Satellite Map of Ocracoke, I noticed that the next [...]

The Best Hackintosh / Linux Wireless WiFi PCI NIC Card – an Apple Airport.

**UPDATE 2**: Since writing this document, a better solution has come onto the market. For an internal hackintosh WiFi card, use the Broadcom BCM94360CD or BCM94331CD with a mini-PCI Express adapter of some sort. These cards are from 2011 iMacs and are 802.11AC. They can be found on eBay for $15 [...]

Use Migration Assistant with MacBook Air over Airport / WiFi

Have a MacBook Air, and looking to transfer it using Apple’s Migration Assistant?  If so, you may have found yourself in a conundrum – as the MacBook Air doesn’t have FireWire or Ethernet (Unless you have Apple’s $29 USB Ethernet adapter). Later MacBook Air models have Apple’s Thunderbolt port, [...]

Gold & Silver Bullion Tracking Excel Sheet

Need to track your Gold & Silver bullion investments?  There aren’t many options out there to help you – but this Excel template may suit your needs. Simply fill in your ounces of Gold & Silver, and the receipt purchases for your bullion.  The sheet will calculate the rest! Click Here to Download [...]

Export From Outlook 2011 Mac & Import .eml Files Into Apple Mail

Update August 18, 2011: It seems in Outlook 2011 SP1 (14.1), Microsoft re-added the .mbox export feature, which previously was deprecated from Entourage. It is now possible to simply drag an Outlook 2011 folder from the list to your desktop, and have an importable Apple Mail .mbox. The rest of the [...]

Everything You’ll Need to Survive The World Depression

Every day It’s becoming more apparent what’s happening to the financial systems of the world. Nations are falling into extreme debt, with the United States being it’s king. In history, empires have always fallen from finance rather than sword – such as Rome, the Soviet Union, and Germany. Now it’s [...]

Rid Your Cable Bill for Internet TV

Getting rid of cable or satellite television is something every American has trouble with. Prices for cable can easily climb over $80 per month, with satellite service prices being even higher. These prices coupled with waning, doltish American TV content such as “Conveyor Belt of Love”, poor [...]
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