Slowdance Records has turned out another uniquely interesting hit with The Evening Episodes “The Physicist Has Known Sin”. The band’s debut album- while wonderous pleasure to listen to, comes off as a little shaky.

The albums charm instantly draws you in, and keeps you listening with an open and inquisitive effort. As the tempo picks up into the album, the melancholy haze lifts, and you’re introduced into The Evening Episodes true talent: A San Franciscan electronica body thumping extraveganza. As much fun as they are inspiring, The Evening Episode belongs in alternative rock. Their debut album shows a slight confusion with identity, as the melancholy subdued feelings and beats flutter awkwardly in and out, however still well executed with brilliant layering techniques.

The standout hit of the album, “Backstroke” is a rave of a song, but suddenly stops short, making you thirsty for more. “Learn your Ps and Q’s” is also pretty fantastic, showing “The Episodes” strong emotional potential.

Nothing in sight can top the more diverse and mature “The Velvet Teen” of Slowdance Records, but I look forward to the “Evenings” next work and can only see it as a step in the right direction.