Every day It’s becoming more apparent what’s happening to the financial systems of the world. Nations are falling into extreme debt, with the United States being it’s king. In history, empires have always fallen from finance rather than sword – such as Rome, the Soviet Union, and Germany. Now it’s the United States.  Their policies of policing the world, and setting up a world empire with thousands of bases has brought the country, and world to its financial knees.  The EU just bailed out Europe with a 750-billion Euro package, which will never be repaid back. It’s estimated that as much as 40% of the European bailout will be funded with American dollars.

It is impossible for the world debt to be paid back – the only solution is to print the money, which will inflate our fiat currencies to their intrinsic value of zero.  The mainstream media tries telling us that everything is getting better, while it is getting worse.  The Dollar will one day soon be valueless, likely being replaced with the rumored Amero currency.  It is dire that you understand, and accept, that you need to be prepared for this crisis. Your life depends on it. There will be no gas, no electricity, no police, only martial law (video).

What you need most:

  1. Food Supply ($500) – Obviously feeding yourself will be the # 1 priority during the depression.  Luckily purchasing mass stored food is quite simple these days. Canned food, or freeze dried food are both excellent solutions to long term food droughts.  Popular wholesale retailers such as Sam’s Club, BJ’s, or Costco offer bulk canned food products. Freeze dried food can be purchased in pre-packaged six-month & one year supplies from The Ready Store. I would recommend spending at least $500 on stored food to be ready for mass shortages.
  2. Rain Collection & Water Purification ($300) – Water will be another necessity to constantly have. If you receive city water, don’t count on it for long – the government won’t have money to run treatment plants. Collecting rainwater & purifying it is a dead-simple solution. Rain Barrels are basically custom trash cans that receive water from your gutter downspout. They are around $20 – $30 to make (video), $100 to purchase, and super simple to install. I would recommend getting as many rain barrels hooked up as possible, or investing in a larger, more professional rainwater collection system. Once you have collected rainwater, purifying it is the next step.  A $200 Berkey Water Purifier will purify 6,000 gallons of your rain water for drinking – also available from Amazon.
  3. Owned Property ($$$) – Owning your own property & house will be essential to avoiding government intrusion on your rights.  Once the dollar loses its value, having a hefty mortgage payment left could mean forceful eviction, and renting will leave you homeless once your dollars can’t support payment. With rumors of mass FEMA camps being constructed (video) with mass graves (video) and government practicing mass containment, I would hope you fully own your living space by the time the collapse arrives.
  4. Seeds / Garden ($300) – Growing your own food will be essential if you’re fortunate enough to have personal yard space.  Gardening is super easy, even if you’ve never done it before. Vegetables such as tomatoes, squash, cauliflower, broccoli, and potatoes are all very filling and nutrient-dense foods.  If you’re in an apartment or town home, growing on your balcony isn’t so hard, either. The Survival Seed Bank sells an organic sealed “vault” of organic seeds for $150 which stay good for a long time, and produce self-regrowing plants. Also having some decent gardening equipment that’s in strong shape will be necessary.
  5. Gold / Silver ($350+) – As the value of the American Dollar, Euro, and other fiat currencies quickly fail through 2012, gold will show its true colors as a historical currency.  In the 9 years since entering Iraq in 2001, gold has sharply risen over 400% from $300 to $1,200. Gold is expected to exponentially grow, perhaps up $5,000 / ounce (video) as the dollar rapidly depreciates.  However what’s most important is preserving your wealth.  Gold & Silver will at the least be able to “freeze” your wealth through the depression until a new or refined financial system is in place.  It could also provide a much easier life through the depression, being able to act as money to purchase goods that hardly anyone else will have the access to.  Gold & Silver coins can be easily purchased through Blanchard online or by phone. Investing in any Gold & Silver you can is absolutely dire. British Sovereign 0.24 ounce coins start at around $350 YTD.  However In order to truly be financially secure for the future, I would recommend investing in 10 ounces of gold, and 100 ounces of silver in bullion.
  6. Electricity Generation – Solar ($2000) – Electricity will be quite a luxury soon.  When the power companies shut off, society will come to a screeching halt.  Make sure you stay ahead of the game by generating your own power without the need for gasoline.  Charging your rechargeable batteries, running the water heater, or powering a television or refrigerator will all possible with a solar generator. My Solar Backup sells great generators starting at $2000 – Setup is plug & play (video).
  7. Passport ($150) – This is your only way out.  And it’s likely Canada could be the destination for millions of fleeing Americans.  Passports can be signed up for at your local post office.  You will need two forms of ID’s – such as birth certificate, social security card, drivers license, or military ID.  High School / College ID’s are not accepted.
  8. Defense ($20 – $400) – I don’t wish to advocate violence, but self defense will be important. A knife, gun, or even defense lessons could be valuable in martial law.

Additional Important Items:

  1. First Aid Kits ($20 – $150) – First Aid kits will be your only source of medical aid during the depression.  The Ready Store sells many First Aid Kits.
  2. Medicine ($200) – Keeping over-the-counter medicines in quantity will be a good investment.  Wholesale dealers such as Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Costco, etc sell some medicines in bulk.  Reading up on some herbal remedies would be helpful knowledge as well.
  3. Bike ($500) – A Bicycle will provide you transportation to nearby areas & communities.  Any bike will do – but one that has a basket-setup would be best. I would recommend the Specialized Sirrus bike for a good commuter bike.
  4. Tent ($20 – 100) – Keeping a tent for unexpected times is always a good idea.  You can get tents almost anywhere now for very cheap.
  5. Fleece Blankets / Heavy Coats ($200) – Extra warm blankets & coats- such as fleece, will keep you warm throughout the winter months of the depression.
  6. Rechargeable batteries ($100) – Rechargeable batteries will be a high value item during the depression.  Get a couple pairs each of AA, AAA, C, D, etc.
  7. LED flashlights ($15) – The Ready Store sells LED flashlights which are bright and will last forever on a battery charge.
  8. Low-power / solar radio ($70) – The Ready Store also sells solar powered radios, so you can be sure to always get the latest information.
  9. Safe ($200) –  Keeping your valuables, such as gold & silver, locked up when the banks are closed will be important. Amazon sells many different safes to choose from.
  10. New cookware ($100) – Sure you have cookware now – but is it all burnt & chard? Perhaps the handles are loose & wobbly?  You’ll need good strong cookware to last you throughout the depression without breaking down on you.
  11. Maps of the area ($10) – Don’t count on the internet or your GPS functioning – Just get some road maps from the local gas station.
  12. Exercise & Health – Being in good health will only help and ease your life during the depression.