Tested on 10.15 Catalina – March 2 2021

How to get IEM BigFix Remote Controller working on Mac without using Oracle Java (since a license for Oracle Java is now required in enterprise)

1. Install Brew from https://brew.sh/
2. Install OpenJDK8 for Mac using Brew https://installvirtual.com/install-openjdk-8-on-mac-using-brew-adoptopenjdk/#google_vignette
3. Install OpenWebStart https://openwebstart.com/
4. Double-Click “/Applications/OpenWebStart Settings” Mac App, Choose JVM Manager —> Find Local
5. After choosing Find Local, remove all Java versions except the two 1.8.0_282 AdoptOpenJDK entries
6. Click Settings in the OpenWebStart JVM Manager, check on “allow server from JNLP file” and “allow vendor from JNLP file”, click OK.
7. In a web browser, start a BigFix remote session on a computer, click Active, and download the TRCController.trcjws file.
8. Select the TRCController.trcjws file in the Mac Finder, and choose File —> Get Info
9. In the “Open With” area, select “Other…” and navigate to /Applications/OpenWebStart
10. In the “Enable” pulldown while selecting the application, choose “All Applications”
11. Choose the “OpenWebStart javaws” Application and click Add
12. Click “Change All” in the Get Info window
13. Double-click the TRCController.trcjws file to test it’s opening and function.
TRC Controller should now be running with OpenJDK