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Everything You’ll Need to Survive The World Depression

Every day It’s becoming more apparent what’s happening to the financial systems of the world. Nations are falling into extreme debt, with the United States being it’s king. In history, empires have always fallen from finance rather than sword – such as Rome, the Soviet Union, and Germany. Now it’s [...]

Rid Your Cable Bill for Internet TV

Getting rid of cable or satellite television is something every American has trouble with. Prices for cable can easily climb over $80 per month, with satellite service prices being even higher. These prices coupled with waning, doltish American TV content such as “Conveyor Belt of Love”, poor [...]

North Carolina To Field New College Football Team in 2013

The 23,000 student UNC Charlotte university has recently announced they plan to field a brand-new Division 1AA team by 2013, with hopes of going 1A within 5 – 10 years.  The decision comes after years of student initiatives, chancellor decisions, trustees debating, and Charlotte city planing [...]

En Serenade & Supervision to play Durham’s Pinhook December 26.

Word has it that En Serenade and Supervision – The Chapel Hill & Durham, NC native bands will be playing at the city’s premier Pinhook venue together December 26. The Pinhook, located in Downtown Durham, is a much needed fresh breath for downtown life. Its progressive, liberal, artistic atmosphere [...]

My Sync 2.0 Update Failure Story

The Sync 911 / VHR update for me has been a total crapshoot on my ’08 Focus SES. Being an IT guy myself trying to get the upgrade at a small local dealership has taught me a lot about the update: The first dealer I went to – a big-city dealer, had no idea what the update was and updated me to 1.3 [...]

Why the MacBook Air ISN’T Expensive

The first question someone asks when they see Apple’s new MacBook Air is “how much is it?”. Upon being told it’s $1799 ($1699 education), their first reaction, however, is near disgust. For an average consumer or even techie people like you and I, the price does indeed seem high. However this is [...]

CompUSA Falsely Advertises Mail-in Rebates

A couple months ago, I was in the market for a new dual-monitor setup. Luckily, I found a good deal at CompUSA online. I ended up purchasing two Acer X221WSD monitors on sale for $210 a piece. Along with the low price was an included mail-in rebate. The rebate on the site clearly advertised a [...]

Mac Develeoper Plans Wii / iTunes Integration

Want to enjoy pictures, movies, and music on your Nintendo Wii? Wii Transfer developer Manton Reece has something in store for you then. Wii Transfer, a Mac only application, already plays music from iTunes, and views pictures from iPhoto on your Wii. Soon, video streaming will be added to [...]

First-Ever Collegiate Campaign Videos Made

A group of UNC-Charlotte students have made the first-ever collegiate campaign videos on the internet. The campaign videos were hosted on the media site YouTube, and distributed through the social networking site, Facebook. School presidential candidate Justin Ritchie, and Vice Presidential [...]
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